Homelessness and crisis support

​Homelessness means not having a home. A home is a place that provides security, privacy, and links to a community and support network. It needs to be decent and affordable.

Being homeless is not just about sleeping rough. It can also include people who are staying temporarily with friends or relatives, staying in bed and breakfast, in a hostel, or somewhere that is dangerous. It can be a very emotional and frightening time, and it’s important to know that no matter what your situation is or what’s happened you can always get help.

Where can you get help?

Northamptonshire County Council have specific responsibility to assess the needs of young people who are aged 16-18 and away from home.

What services are provided?

  • Help with arranging accommodation - this includes emergency or hostel type accommodation and a range of lodgings in the private or voluntary sector. Council run accommodation may also be a possibility.
  • Assistance with claiming benefits - our staff have detailed knowledge of a range of benefits, will know what you are entitled to claim and can help in completing the paperwork.
  • How to keep safe and away from people who might draw them into harmful lifestyles.
  • How to get medical and contraceptive help.
  • How to access educational, training and job opportunities.
  • Community support staff maintain an extensive network of contacts with providers of accommodation, particularly private sector landlords and staff in local authority housing departments.

How to get in touch with us

If you need to make a request for help, contact the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub.

Are you sleeping rough?

If you are sleeping rough or at risk of doing so visit the StreetLink website, or call them free on 0300 500 0914, or download the free mobile app for your Apple or Android device.

Other sources of support

  • Local food banks can give food parcels to you if don't have enough money to buy food
  • The Lowdown offer free homelessness advice and counselling to young people in Northamptonshire
  • Shelter can give you advice and can also help if you are at risk of having your home repossessed
  • Runaway helpline provides information and support to young people before, while and after they are missing
  • Centrepoint support more than 9,000 homeless 16 to 25 year olds a year into a home and a job