Learning to drive

​You can start to learn to drive once you reach the age of 17*. From three months before this point you can apply for a provisional licence, which can be done online or by post.

Apply for a provisional licence

*If you have a disability you may be able to apply for your provisional licence as soon as you are 16.

How do I learn how to drive?

Anyone over the age of 25 with a full licence can teach you how to drive but it is recommended that you learn to drive with a qualified instructor.

How do I get my full licence so I can drive on my own?

There are two parts to gaining a full driving licence.

You will need to pass both:

Once you’ve passed your test you can start driving straight away - you don’t need to wait for your full licence to arrive.

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The CarKraft driver improvement scheme is free to drivers and non-drivers over 15. The CarKraft scheme was designed to help young people with their driving during intensive information and skills days at Silverstone Circuit or Rockingham Motor Speedway to make them safer drivers and to reduce accident rates in Northamptonshire.

The courses are tailored to teach a dynamic mix of workshops and driving challenges designed to influence behaviour, skills and complacent attitudes. CarKraft has helped to equip young drivers with additional skills, knowledge and confidence to meet the demands of modern road networks.