How can you get involved?

Find out what decisions are being taken and how you can have your say on the decisions that affect you.

How can I find out what decisions are being taken?

The agenda and papers for all committee meetings are published 5 working days before the meeting. Copies can be downloaded:

The unitary councils also publish a list of future decisions known as the Forward Plan. This provides a summary of upcoming business and sets out when particular items are due to be considered:

Can I take part in meetings?

Council meetings are normally held in public and members of the public are welcome to attend to listen to the discussion. Members of the public may, with the permission of the chair, speak on any item on the agenda for a meeting.

Anyone wishing to speak at a meeting should contact us either via customer services or the officer responsible for the committee (their name and contact details will be given on the front page of the agenda) by midday, two working days before the meeting.

My issue is not on the agenda

If you need to speak to your councillors about an issue that is not being discussed at a meeting, you may wish to contact them directly.