Overview and Scrutiny is a means for councillors not in the Councils' Cabinets to investigate local issues and contribute to improving and maintaining the effectiveness of services provided to the people of Northamptonshire. Its work is intended to be objective and informed.

It can include:

  • proposing action to respond to issues affecting Northamptonshire
  • contributing to the development of new policies
  • reviewing the effectiveness of policies and services already in place
  • monitoring performance against important targets
  • providing constructive challenge to decision-makers and holding them to account
    for their decisions and priorities

Overview and Scrutiny most often looks at council services but can also scrutinise a range of other organisations, such as NHS bodies, that affect the wellbeing of the people of Northamptonshire.​

Overview and Scrutiny is a means for councillors not in the councils' Cabinets to investigate local issues, influence the development of policies and services, and hold to account decision-makers. In this way it helps to produce more effective services for the people of Northamptonshire and to support local democracy.

Overview and Scrutiny groups

Find details of Overview and Scrutiny groups listed on the Committees pages for the two unitary councils: