Call handling, targets and performance

Call recording

The telephone system automatically records calls to the Customer Service Centre. We don't download, transcribe or listen to calls except when:

  • We use random samples for training and development purposes to help us identify best practice and continually improve customers' experiences.
  • If we receive a complaint about how a call was handled. We may listen to the call (if we have the details) to help us decide whether or not to uphold the complaint.

​Our targets and performance

​Three important measures of our
call handling and performance are:
​Performance in January 2020
​The percentage (%) of calls we answered
within 60 seconds.
Target is 80%
​The percentage of abandoned calls.
(A customer abandons a call when they hang up
before an Advisor is able to answer.)
Target is 5% or less
​Total number of calls ​16,709