Budget proposal EqIAs 2020 to 2021

​The following Equality ​Impact Assessments are associated with the budget setting process for 2020 to 2021. Not all budget proposals with savings identified for 2020 to 2021 will have an impact assessment. The EqIAs below relate to budget proposals that have been identified by the relevant service as having the potential to have an impact on customers.

​Northamptonshire Adult Social Services (NASS)​EqIA
File Download - Reviewing Catering Facilities at Day Services (PDF 530KB)Reviewing Catering Facilities at Day Services (PDF 530KB)
Care Home Review (PDF 498KB)
File Download - Rapid Response Falls and Admission Avoidance Service (PDF 446KB)Rapid Response Falls and Admission Avoidance Service (PDF 446KB)
File Download - Mental Health Review (PDF 431KB)Mental Health Review (PDF 431KB)
File Download - Shaw Public Private Partnership Review of Packages (PDF 447KB)Shaw Public Private Partnership Review of Packages (PDF 447KB)
File Download - Strengths Based Working (PDF 436KB)Strengths Based Working (PDF 436KB)
Fair Contributions Policy


​Children First Northamptonshire​EqIA
File Download - ​Disabled Children's Review (PDF 426KB)​Disabled Children's Review (PDF 426KB)
File Download - Supported Accommodation (PDF 410KB)Supported Accommodation (PDF 410KB)
File Download - Transport Optimisation (PDF 453KB)Transport Optimisation (PDF 453KB)
​Corporate Services​EqIA
File Download - Customer Service Centre (PDF 426KB)Customer Service Centre (PDF 426KB)
​Place Services​EqIA
File Download - Targeted Delivery of Roads Maintenance (PDF 433KB)Targeted Delivery of Roads Maintenance (PDF 433KB)
File Download - Management of Closed Landfills (PDF 313KB)Management of Closed Landfills (PDF 313KB)
File Download - ​Superfast Broadband (PDF 401KB)​Superfast Broadband (PDF 401KB)
File Download - ​Economic Development (PDF 412KB)​Economic Development (PDF 412KB)
File Download - ​Commissioned Services from Third Parties (PDF 418KB)​Commissioned Services from Third Parties (PDF 418KB)
​Council Tax​EqIA
File Download - ​Increase in Council Tax (PDF 687KB)​Increase in Council Tax (PDF 687KB)