Budget proposals EqIAs 2018 to 2019

These are Equality Impact Assessments (EqIAs) associated with the budget setting process for 2018 to 2019.

Not all budget proposals that may have an impact in 2018 to 2019 will have an impact assessment. The EqIAs below relate to budget proposals that have been identified as having the potential to have an impact on customers. Appendix B to the Final Budget Report contains a summary of those proposals that do not have EqIAs.

These EqIAs have been updated using the findings from our consultation, and provide Members with a full understanding of the equality implications when taking the final decisions on the budget in February 2018.

​2018 to 2019 Budget Proposals ​
​Adult ServicesFair Contributions Policy Review EqIA (PDF 298KB)
Assistive Technology Charge EqIA (PDF 275KB)
Appointeeship Charge EqIA (PDF 289KB)
​Chief Executive ServicesDigital Northamptonshire EqIA (PDF 415KB)
​Empowering Councillors and Communities Fund EqIA - to follow
​Reduced Opening Hours of the Customer Service Centre - proposal removed
​Customer Service Centre - Reduced Operations - proposal removed
​Children, Families & EducationContract Review (Corby Children's Centres) EqIA (PDF 383KB)
Contract Review EqIA (PDF 405KB)
Efficiencies in Services to Disabled Children EqIA (proposal previously known as Review of Short Breaks)
​Review of Non-Statutory Expenditure in Children, Families & Education - proposal removed
​CorporateCouncil Tax Increase (PDF 398KB)
​​Council Plan (PDF 347KB)
​Place ServicesTrading Standards EqIA (PDF 388KB)
Review of Highways Maintenance Tranche 1 EqIA (PDF 369KB)
Review of Highways Maintenance Tranche 2 EqIA (PDF 368KB)
Winter Maintenance EqIA (PDF 364KB)
Review of Bus Subsidies EqIA (PDF 398KB)
​​Changes to On-Street Pay and Display Parking (PDF 380KB)
Trade Waste Controls at Household Waste Recycling Centres (PDF 365KB)
Wellbeing & Prevention ServicesReview of Library Services EqIAs
Emotional Wellbeing Service and Alcohol Budget Reduction EqIA (PDF 318KB)
​Smoking Cessation Service EqIA