Public Health and Wellbeing Equality Impact Assessments (EqIAs)

​Live documents

Listed below are completed equality impact assessments. These are live documents that are reviewed and updated when appropriate.

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Equality Impact Assessments for the transformation of library services in Northamptonshire

December 2018 / January​ 2019 and May 2019 update

File Download - Abington (PDF 419KB)Abington (PDF 419KB)File Download - Finedon (PDF 385KB)Finedon (PDF 385KB)File Download - Raunds (PDF 388KB)Raunds (PDF 388KB)
File Download - Brackley (PDF 372KB)Brackley (PDF 372KB)File Download - Higham Ferrers (PDF 386KB)Higham Ferrers (PDF 386KB)File Download - ​Roade (PDF 382KB)​Roade (PDF 382KB)
File Download - Brixworth (PDF 370KB)Brixworth (PDF 370KB)File Download - Hunsbury (PDF 370KB)Hunsbury (PDF 370KB)File Download - ​Rothwell (PDF 395KB)​Rothwell (PDF 395KB)
File Download - Burton Latimer (PDF 387KB)Burton Latimer (PDF 387KB)File Download - ​Irchester (PDF 307KB)​Irchester (PDF 307KB)File Download - Rushden (PDF 369KB)Rushden (PDF 369KB)
File Download - Corby (PDF 369KB)Corby (PDF 369KB)File Download - Irthlingborough (PDF 372KB)Irthlingborough (PDF 372KB)File Download - ​St James (PDF 413KB)​St James (PDF 413KB)
File Download - Danesholme (PDF 400KB)Danesholme (PDF 400KB)File Download - Kettering (PDF 370KB)Kettering (PDF 370KB)File Download - Thrapston (PDF 380KB)Thrapston (PDF 380KB)
File Download - Daventry (PDF 372KB)Daventry (PDF 372KB)File Download - ​Kingsthorpe (PDF 390KB)​Kingsthorpe (PDF 390KB)File Download - Towcester (PDF 369KB)Towcester (PDF 369KB)
File Download - Deanshanger (PDF 384KB)Deanshanger (PDF 384KB)File Download - Long Buckby (PDF 399KB)Long Buckby (PDF 399KB)File Download - Wellingborough (PDF 372KB)Wellingborough (PDF 372KB)
File Download - Desborough (PDF 380KB)Desborough (PDF 380KB)File Download - ​Middleton Cheney (PDF 379KB)​Middleton Cheney (PDF 379KB)File Download - Weston Favell (PDF 373KB)Weston Favell (PDF 373KB)
File Download - Duston (PDF 373KB)Duston (PDF 373KB)File Download - ​Moulton (PDF 383KB)​Moulton (PDF 383KB)File Download - ​Wollaston (PDF 380KB)​Wollaston (PDF 380KB)
File Download - Earls Barton (PDF 378KB)Earls Barton (PDF 378KB)File Download - ​Northamptonshire Central (PDF 371KB)​Northamptonshire Central (PDF 371KB)File Download - Woodford Halse (PDF 377KB)Woodford Halse (PDF 377KB)
File Download - ​Far Cotton (PDF 388KB)​Far Cotton (PDF 388KB)File Download - Oundle (PDF 373KB)Oundle (PDF 373KB)File Download - ​Wootton (PDF 406KB)​Wootton (PDF 406KB)



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