The Council Plan

The Council Plan sets out the strategic direction for Northamptonshire County Council until its planned move into two unitary authorities. This plan provides the framework for the budget stabilisation and transformation of services to make them sustainable and resilient.

Council Plan

Council budgets

The council's budget for the current year and also past years revenue budget books are available on our website within our budgets and spending section.

Flexible use of Capital Receipts Strategy

The Secretary of State, through Section 15 (1) of the Local Government Act 2003, gave local authorities the power to utilise capital receipts from the disposal of property, plant and equipment assets, and to spend up to 100% of their fixed asset receipts on the revenue costs of reform projects.

The council is required to have a strategy in place and also report on what projects capital receipts have been used to fund. The capital receipts strategy for Northamptonshire and appendices, considered and agreed at Cabinet in March 2018, can be found by using the links below:

The council will provide regular updates throughout financial year which can be found within the Cabinet papers section of our website.

The council’s capital receipt income to fund transformation for 2017 to 2018 now stands at £9.6m. The revised 'Flexible use of capital receipts transformation 2017 to 2018' forecasts the final income:

Past council plans