Short term services

​What service is being provided?

Short term services (Short Term Enablement and Prevention Service and Hospital Assessment Team).

This is the main contact point for anyone to request adult social care support or to request advice and information regarding social care.

What personal data do we need from you?

  • Name and contact details
  • Social Care ID
  • NHS Number
  • Family details
  • Lifestyle and social circumstances
  • Goods and services
  • Financial details
  • Housing needs
  • Case file information
  • Visual images, personal appearance and behaviour

What 'special' types of personal data do we need from you?

  • Physical or mental health details
  • Racial or ethnic origin
  • Religious or other beliefs of a similar nature
  • Social Care Support outcomes
  • Criminal proceedings, outcomes and sentences
  • Offences (including alleged offences)

Who will be using your personal data?

The Data Controller is Northamptonshire County Council.

The Data Protection Officer for Northamptonshire County Council can be contacted at

Domiciliary Care providers, Residential Care providers, Education providers, Prepaid Card providers, Advocacy Services, Day Care providers, are Data Processors supporting this purpose.

 What will it be used for and what gives us the right to ask for it and use it?

  • service delivery
  • service planning or improvement
  • prevention or detection of fraud or crime
  • research (using anonymised data only unless we specifically request your consent to use identifiable personal data)

If we cannot use your data we would not be able to arrange or provide social care support that you require.

Our legal basis for using your personal data is "under a legal obligation".

Our legal basis' for using your special personal data are:

  • Health and Social care treatment
  • Health and Social care management

Who else might we share your data with?

  • Health Providers
  • NHS Agencies (GPs, Hospitals, Ambulance, Health Visitor)
  • Domiciliary Care Providers
  • Residential Care Providers
  • Education Providers
  • Prepaid Card Providers
  • Advocacy Services
  • Day Care Providers
  • Mental Health Services
  • Government Agencies (Department of Health, Department of Work and Pensions) Purple
  • Local Government
  • Police
  • Substance Misuse Agencies
  • Advocacy Services
  • Fire & Rescue services
  • Prepaid Card Providers
  • Direct Payment Support Services
  • Housing Associations
  • Careline

Use of your NHS Number in Adult Social Services

If you are receiving support from adult social services then the NHS may share your NHS number with us. This is so that the NHS and adult social services are using the same number to identify you while providing your care. By using the same number we are able to work together to improve your care and support.

We will use this Number in an integrated care record system across a number of support services including GPs, hospitals, community matrons, district nurses and social care practitioners.

How long will your data be kept?

We will stop using your data after we no longer have a statutory reason to use your information, this may be when your services have ended and we are no longer required to use your information for service planning or improvement purposes.

Your data will be deleted 7 years after we stop using it where a service has been provided or 5 years after we stop using it where we have only provide you with advice and information.

Our use of your data will be subject to the following legal rights:

  • Your right to be informed
  • Your right to access your personal data
  • Your right for us to rectify your personal data
  • Your right to restrict our processing of your personal data
  • Your right to object to automated decision making and profiling

We may also receive personal information about you from others

This is who is giving us your personal data:

  • Family members
  • Friends
  • NHS Agencies GPs
  • Hospitals
  • Ambulance
  • Health Visitor
  • Commissioned Support Providers
  • Police
  • Other Local Authorities

Link to other relevant privacy notices

Visit the following links for more information about Privacy Law, our obligations and your rights:

If you have concerns over the way we are asking for or using your personal data, please raise the matter with our Data Protection Officer by the following means:

​Postal address​Data Protection Officer, BI&PM, Northamptonshire County Council, One Angel Square, Northampton, NN1 1ED

​Phone number​01604 368 360

If you still have concerns following our response you have the right to raise the matter with the Information Commissioner's Office:

​Postal address​Information Commissioner's Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF
ContactInformation handling
​Phone number​0303 123 1113

Read our full privacy notice.