Early help support

​Who we are

The Early Help Support Service is working to improve the lives of children and families through the national Troubled Families Programme.

Sharing information with partners

We will share information with partners to inform and improve the services offered to families in Northamptonshire. All information will be processed under strict protocols in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and other relevant legislation. All information will be held securely and shared only on a need to know basis to support families with most need. Any families receiving targeted support will be contacted by their lead professional.

The Early Help Support Service is required to share information with the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) for evaluation and research. This includes both those families as assessed as meeting the criteria and those who have participated. This will help the government and local services to understand if the programme has been effective in improving outcomes for families.

A data agreement is in place that ensures:

  • the data can only be used for carrying out research
  • the linked data cannot be used to make decisions about individuals and is anonymised so individuals and families
    cannot be identified from any published reports
  • the linked personal data will not be shared with or made available to the local authority or any other public agency
  • all data is transferred, handled and stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act
  • appropriate measures are in place to prevent unauthorised use of the data
  • the data is destroyed after five years