Apprenticeship data

​The government introduced a number of changes in April 2017 to encourage employers to offer more apprenticeship opportunities to both their current employees and to new staff joining their organisations. One of the changes introduced requires public sector organisations who employ more than 250 staff to have a target to achieve an average 2.3% of their workforce on apprenticeship programmes.

Each year (until 2021) the council is required to tell the government how they are progressing against their target and to make this information available to the public.

Northamptonshire County Council's data

​Figure A​The number of employees whose employment in England by the body began in the reporting period in question (1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018).​1,225
​​Figure B​The number of apprentices who began to work for the body in that period and whose apprenticeship agreements also began in that period. This includes employees who were already working for the body before beginning their apprenticeship, as well as new apprentice hires. ​ ​35​
​​Figure C​The number of employees employed in England that the body has at the end of that period. ​ ​​9,950
​​Figure D​The number of apprentices who work for the body at the end of that period. ​ ​​34
​​Figure E​Figure B expressed as a percentage of figure A. ​ ​​2.86%
​​Figure F​Figure D expressed as a percentage of figure C. ​ ​0.34%​
​​Figure G​The number of apprentices who worked for the body immediately before that period. ​ ​​2
​​Figure H​Headcount on the day before the first day of each reporting period in the target period.​Core​4736​10,262
​​Figure I​Figure B expressed as a percentage of figure H.​Core0.49%​0.34%