Expenditure exceeding £500

 Publishing spending over £500 is a fantastic way for us to be open and transparent with our customers.

What do we spend your money on?

Details of how the council spends your money in its day-to-day business of running the county’s public services can be viewed at:

How do we decide what to publish in our spending data?

We recognise that whilst releasing this data we need to make absolutely sure that payments to vulnerable customers are suitably censored to protect their details. 

Government guidance states that we do not exclude payments to individuals in these groups from our publication, but replace their details in the 'Supplier Name' field with 'REDACTED PERSONAL DATA'. This is meant to increase transparency by returning more of the expenditure of a local authority, whilst still protecting vulnerable customers.

Information on spending over £500 will be published in monthly reports.

Spending over £500

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