Pay policy

The Localism Act 2011 requires local authorities to prepare and approve a senior pay policy statement for each financial year and full council approves the Northamptonshire County Council pay policy each year.

The NCC pay policy covers all employees and not just senior officers.

Below is a list of the latest versions of the appendices to the NCC pay policy:

Employee benefits

As part of being an open and transparent authority we are publishing, along with those pay policy documents required of us, benefits that all of our employees are eligible to receive. This document contains information on annual leave, childcare vouchers, flexible working, sick pay scheme and pension schemes.

Pay multiple

The Transparency Code requires local authorities to publish their pay multiple. 

The pay multiple is defined as the ratio between the highest paid taxable earnings for the given year and the median earnings figure of the whole of the authority’s workforce. The council does not explicitly set the pay of any individual or group of posts by reference to the multiple of another post or group of posts, instead we use the HAY job evaluation scheme to determine the relative size and shape of job roles within the council.

The mean and median figures below are based on total remuneration for employees in post at a fixed date and reflects the council’s organisation as at 31 March 2020. This information is updated annually. The figures exclude the schools workforce, casual workers or zero hour employees.

​Criteria​As at 31 March 2020
Mean remuneration value£23,353
Median remuneration value£21,260
Highest remuneration value£195,043
​Chief Executive FTE salary*
​Mean ratio (mean remuneration to highest earner)​8.35 : 1
Median ratio (median remuneration to highest earner)​9.17 : 1

These ratios are below the expected multiples of 8.1 – 12.1 for the public sector as identified in the Hutton Review of Fair Pay in the Public Sector (March 2011) Report.

Our organisation structure and details of senior employee's salaries can be accessed on our salary information page.