This publication scheme is a guide to the information that we have to publish, which in this case is on our website.

Each piece of information will be found in the most relevant section of the website, rather than all of the information covered by a heading necessarily being listed in the same place.

 The definition document headings, set out by the Information Commissioners Office are stated below:

Some of the headings listed in the definition document are very specific (e.g. ‘Forward Plan’).  These will relate to a document or group of documents and we will often be able to direct you to a specific part of the website where they are published.

Some of the headings are very broad and could potentially cover many different documents we hold (e.g. internal communications guidance, criteria used for decision-making, internal instructions, manuals and guidelines). 

If you want information about a particular subject, this website offers three ways of finding it:

  • The Search box at the top of the page is a powerful search tool which will look for a key word or phrase among our thousands of web pages and documents;
  • The A-Z of Council Services is an alphabetical index which provides links to relevant information about our services; and
  • The Publication Scheme, following guidelines laid down by the Information Commissioner, is a framework for access not only to information already available on the website, but also to certain other categories of information which the Council makes available on request.

If you cannot find any reference to the information you need, please let us know, as it may be available in some other way.

You may if you wish ask for information not published routinely by the council by making an official request for it under the Freedom of Information Act.


The vast majority of information covered by the scheme is available without a charge through our website.

Where a charge is applicable, for example for printed versions this will be stated on the relevant website entry.


The vast majority of information covered by the scheme is available on demand on our website.

Where information is available in print, we aim to send a response within five working days.

Where information is available by inspection only, we aim to contact the applicant within five working days to arrange a convenient appointment.