How we make decisions

​Here you will find our decision making processes, how to be involved in consultations and our internal guidance documents that are published.

​Definition Document  heading​Our explanation
​Timetable of council meetings ​Information can be found under: Meetings Calendar
​Agendas, officer reports, background papers and minutes of council committee, sub-committee and standing forum meetings ​This information can be found under: Councillors and Committees web pages
​Major policy proposals and decisions ​Major policy proposals and decisions will be submitted to Cabinet and can be found on the council’s Councillors and Committees web pages
​Facts and analyses of facts considered when framing major policies  ​

Where currently published, these will be included in reports submitted to Cabinet or other decision making commit​​tee

Public consultations Information can be found under: Consultations

Internal communications guidance, criteria used for decision-making, internal instructions, manuals and guidelines

Where published, relevant information will be included the section of the website specific to the topic.

For example, decision-making criteria are often published in leaflets about the relevant service, such as eligibility for Adult Social services. Information relating to decision-making also can be found under: Constitution. The Equalities section includes copies of internal officer guidance relating to Equality impact assessments.

We will continue to assess our internal documents to determine when it is appropriate to make something routinely available as a publication.  Any such document that is not currently published can be requested under the Freedom of Information Act.