Our policies and procedures

​Here you will find information about the policies, procedures and protocols for delivering our services and responsibilities.

​Definition document heading​Our explanation
​Policies and procedures for conducting council business​Information can be found in the Constitution or under the relevant headings on the internet
​Policies and procedures for delivering our services​Where published, these will either be found in the agenda/minutes of committees or in the relevant section of the website
​Policies and procedures about the recruitment and employment of staff​Information can be found under Jobs, careers and training. Specific policies can be requested under the Freedom of Information Act. Please note that a charge may be made where the council treat these policies as commercial products.
​Customer service Information can be found under: Customer Services
​Records management and personal data policies​Information can be found under: Data Protection and Freedom of Information.
​Charging regimes and policies ​Where applicable, these will be published in the relevant section on our website