Adapting to climate change

UK Climate Change Impacts Programme

The programme explains that while it is essential to reduce future greenhouse gas emissions, the effects of past emissions will continue to be felt for a long time.

In Northamptonshire this could lead to:

  • A climate of wetter milder winters, drier hotter summers
  • Greater risks of extreme events such as heat waves, high winds and heavy rainfall
  • Having less water and higher temperature extremes

What councils are doing in Northamptonshire

Local authorities and other partners have been working together on tackling the potential impact of climate change. Local Climate Impacts Profiles have been up for each local authority in the country. These assess the impacts of climate change on council activities over the last decade, and makes recommendations for future action.

Climate Change Risk Assessments have also been done for all local authorities. These identify the potential implications for council services from a changing climate and highlights possible adaptations to be considered in future council practices, policies and decision-making.

A Corporate Environmental Policy for Northamptonshire County Council has been produced and approved by Cabinet. The document provides a General Statement on our commitment to making Northamptonshire a "cleaner, greener county".