Tree planting scheme

Over the past five years we have been working closely with the Woodland Trust on a partnership project to increase tree and hedgerow cover in the county.

This scheme has been very successful and has resulted in over 150,000 trees and hedging plants being planted each year in schools, communities and farmland.

It is significantly helping our efforts to reduce carbon emissions across the county and ensure that Northamptonshire is resilient to the effects of climate change.

Trees have numerous environmental and economic benefits, including:

  • 1 tree absorbs around 1 tonne of carbon during its lifetime making it one of the cheapest, most cost effective means of reducing carbon
  • Trees help us adapt to climate change, through reducing 'urban heat island' effect and helping us to mitigate against flooding
  • 1 tree produces enough oxygen each year to support 2 people
  • Trees provide a wonderfully rich habitat for all sorts of wildlife, greatly improving biodiversity
  • Trees improve health and wellbeing by purifying contaminated water and removing harmful pollutants from air

Who can apply?

Building on the success of the scheme we continue to support the Woodland Trust's national free tree pack programme for:

Schools, communities and youth groups

Applicant criteria

Applications are open to schools, community and youth groups - groups do not have to be officially registered but must be not-for-profit.

You can only apply if trees are to be planted on publically accessible sites and you must have permission from the landowner.

You must have a suitable and safe site.

Packs come in three different sizes:

  • Small - 30 saplings: perfect as a starter pack for creating a small copse or hedgerow.
  • Medium - 105 saplings: ideal for planting in a small group or hedge (30m).
  • Large - 420 saplings: ideal for creating a longer hedge (120m) or a block of trees of approx. 1 acre.

You can choose from six different themed mixes:

  • Hedge - Dogrose, hawthorn, hazel, crab apple and elder.
  • Copse - Silver birch, rowan and wild cherry.
  • Wild Harvest - Hazel, blackthorn, crab apple, dog rose, elder and rowan.
  • Wildlife - Hawthorn, rowan, blackthorn, silver birch, hazel and common oak.
  • Year Round Colour - Hawthorn, crab apple, wild cherry, silver birch, rowan and hazel.
  • Working Wood - Rowan, silver birch, wild cherry, common oak, field maple and grey willow.
  • Wildwood - Hazel, crab apple, downy birch, hawthorn, holly and goat willow.
  • Urban - Crab apple, rowan and hazel.

*Please note, some species may change due to availability.

How do I apply?

For more information and to apply visit the Woodland Trust website.​

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Farmers and land owners

About the scheme

Once again we are supporting the Woodland Trust to increase hedgecover in farms across Northamptonshire.

As part of our efforts to improve biodiversity and increase woodland cover in the county, Northamptonshire County Council is continuing to support the Woodland Trust's national MOREwoods and MOREhedges scheme to provide hedge packs to farmers and land owners across the country.

Over the last five years this scheme has resulted in over 56,000 trees and shrubs being planted in farms throughout Northamptonshire.

The schemes focus on large scale planting of 100m (or more) of hedge or 100 to 500 (can be more) trees. The Woodland Trust can provide tailored advice, grants and funding, and trees and protection.

How do I apply?

For more information and to apply visit the Woodland Trust website.

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