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Energy contracts

The Energy and Carbon Management Team (ECMT) have been purchasing energy from Laser Energy Buying Group for over 10 years on behalf of public sector bodies in Northamptonshire.

For schools and academies energy is procured on a ‘purchase in advance’ basis, which gives a fixed price for a 12 month period and provides budget certainty.

A Fully Managed Flexible Procurement agreement offers:

  • Fully EU compliant contracts
  • Very competitive prices (typically 4% below market average)
  • A comprehensive invoice, validation, billing and query resolution service (cost avoidance typically 3%)


Those that purchase energy through ECMT are eligible to receive a FREE Display Energy Certificate (DEC) assessment from the team's trained surveyor. A DEC must be accompanied by an Advisory Report (AR) and the owner of the building must have a valid one available.

If your building is larger than 250m² it is a legal requirement to have an up to date DEC, which rates the performance of your building based on how efficiently energy is used, and AR, which highlights recommendations to improve the energy performance of your building.

If you do not purchase energy through ECMT but would like to benefit from the team's energy assessment service, please use the contact details at the bottom of this page to get in touch with the team, quoting 'DEC/AR' in the email subject. This service is competitively priced.

Salix Finance

A DEC assessment will help to inform you of suitable energy efficiency projects that will reduce energy consumption, costs and carbon emissions.

ECMT can help public sector bodies fund energy efficiency projects with a Salix Finance loan. Salix are an independent, publicly funded, not-for-profit organisation that provides 100% interest free capital finance to support energy efficiency schemes.

What is on offer?

  • Opportunity to benefit from ECMT's energy efficiency knowledge
  • Significantly reduce annual energy costs
  • Arrange site-specific surveys
  • Verify contractors quotations
  • Verify savings
  • Complete Salix finance application process on behalf of schools

For more information on Salix funding, please see the Salix Finance website.

Energy management

ECMT can help your organisation to manage energy more effectively by designing and implementing an Energy Management System compliant with the ISO50001:2011 Energy Management standard.

If you would like to find out more then please use the contact details below to contact the team, quoting 'ISO' in the email subject.

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