Land and planning

Land and planning information relating to Gypsies and Travellers.

Encampments on private land

Trespass on land is a civil matter with prevention of trespass being the responsibility of the landowner. The landowner (or representative) should in the first instance ask the trespasser(s) to leave.

Then you may wish to:

  • seek advice direct from the Northamptonshire Traveller Unit as to whether any physical steps may be taken to prevent access to your land
  • consider if you or your solicitor can go to a county court and obtain an order granting you possession of your land
  • seek advice from the Citizens Advice Bureau
  • employ private bailiffs to evict the trespassers

Encampments on land owned by Gypsies or Travellers

As a Gypsy or Traveller you need to gain planning consent for such a site just like anyone else. If you do not then the site is classed as an unauthorised development and the local planning authority will deal with it under the normal planning powers available to it.

Contact planning services in your local area