As a service we are responsible for dealing with minerals and waste planning applications. This therefore relates to Minerals (e.g. quarries, and related restoration schemes) and Waste (e.g. waste processing facilities). Decisions on planning applications are made either (a) by the respective Strategic Planning Committees of North or West Northamptonshire Councils or (b) by council officers under delegated powers.

Charging for pre-application advice

The minerals and waste planning service does not currently charge for pre-application advice relating to minerals and waste development. However, many submissions we receive progress as Section 73 applications (Application for the Removal or Variation of a Condition following Grant of Planning Permission) that cost £234 rather than full planning applications.

In these instances the council fails to recoup costs, particularly where a specific Section 73 application is complex, contentious and time consuming.

To avoid this failure to recoup costs, the council reserves the right to make pre-application charges when the application is reasonably expected to result in a Section 73 application. The charges that will apply are:

  • £150, or part thereof, for meetings with planning officers. If the meeting is outside of the planning officer's base travel time will be charged as a cost.
  • £30 per item for letters, emails, and phone calls with or to applicants regarding specific enquiries.
  • Teleconferences will be charged the same as a face-to-face meeting.

Pre-application charges will be refunded if, because of meetings and advice, a full application is subsequently submitted.