19/00033/MINFUL, 19/00034/MINVOC, 19/00035/MINFUL - Elton Quarry, Peterborough Old Road, Eaglethorpe, Warmington, PE8 6SN

Application details​

These planning applications were submitted on 18 April 2019, and was approved by the Development Control Committee on 17 November 2020.

The decision was issued on 31 March 2021.

A single Environmental Statement was submitted which principally relates to the extension area (19/00033/MINFUL), but also incorporates the plant site (19/00034/MINVOC, 19/00035/MINFUL).

The Environmental Statement comprises three separate documents, and members of the public may purchase hard copies of the Environmental Statement at the following costs:

  • planning and environment statement volume 1 - £150
  • consultant’s reports volume 2 - £250
  • non technical summary - Free
  • full electronic copy on disc - Free
  • Update Statement - £75
  • Update Statement on disc - Free

These can be obtained by contacting the agent, D.K Symes, via email: dks@dksymes.co.uk

Alternatively, all application documentation follows:

Decision documents

Main application 


Environmental statement

Volume 1

Volume 2 - Consultant's report

Other environmental information (received 11 November 2019)