Corby Northern Orbital Road - Resubmission (Phases One and Two)

These two applications was determined on 2 May 2008. The decision notices are available to view below:

The original application for the Corby Northern Orbital Road was approved on 24th May 2007 but has been resubmitted as two separate phases (07/00051/CCD & 07/00052/CCD) with amendments to the original scheme.

Volumes One and Two of each submission are specific to each phase. Volume 3-6 are common to both applications.

This application was accompanied by an Environmental Statement which, along with the other documents are available for viewing at the Development Control offices, County Hall.

The Environmental Statement Documents (Volume 3) are available for purchase at a cost of £130. For further information please contact Wardell Armstrong LLP on 0845 111 777.

 Phase One - 07/00051/CCD

Phase Two - 07/00052/CCD
 Volume One - Supporting Statement 
Volume Two - Drawings
Volume Three - Environmental Statement
Volume Four - Transport Statement
Volume Five - Flood Risk Assessment
Volume Six - Statement of Community Engagement