Structure plan

Structure Plan Policies (until 28 September 2007)

The content of the adopted Structure Plan that had most of its policies superseded on 28 September 2007 was:

Structure Plan Policies saved 28 September 2007 to 12 March 2009

A small number of Structure Plan policies were saved beyond September 2007 because they provide the policy base to supplementary planning guidance or because they continued to fill a policy gap not filled by other documents. The Secretary of State agreed that the following policies were saved beyond September 2007:  GS5, GS6, SDA1, T3, T9, T10, T12 and T13. The rationale for saving these policies and the Secretary of State's direction to save them are available to view below:

Structure Plan Policy saved 12 March 2009 to 12 April 2013

With the adoption of the East Midlands RSS on 12 March 2009 only Policy SDA1 remained saved. This was revoked as part of the revocation of the East Midlands Plan on 12 April 2013.

Legal Challenge

Two legal challenges were submitted to the Structure Plan when it was adopted in 2001. One was subsequently withdrawn. The second challenge, which was regarding the proposed Strategic Development Area South of Northampton (in South Northamptonshire District), was allowed on 8 February 2002.

As a result of this successful challenge, the High Court ordered partial quashing of six Structure Plan Policies. These were Policies affected by the deletion of the South of Northampton Strategic Development Area, and include saved policy SDA1.

The full High Court Judgement (dated 20 December 2001) is available by request from Smith Bernal, 190 Fleet Street, London EC4, telephone 020 7421 4040 (the Official Shorthand Writers to the Court).