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​Pathfinder III

The Community Resilience Flood Pathfinder Project is now in its 3rd wave, after 2 previously successful runs. The project aims to facilitate community-led improvements in resilience and preparedness amongst communities who are at risk of surface water flooding in Northamptonshire, complementing other flood risk management activities.

It is a two year project (2020 to 2021) for 30 communities, funded by the Anglian Northern Regional Flood and Coastal Committee. The project is for rural and urban settlements of populations that range from 300 to 5,000 properties, as well as business town centres and industrial estates.

To be eligible for Pathfinder II a community must:

  • be within Northamptonshire
  • have had some experience of surface water flooding
  • have community members signed up to support the project

Benefits include:

  • a flood survey undertaken by civil engineers which produces a maintenance plan
  • support in developing emergency plans
  • engagement with community to promote flood awareness
  • support in developing longer term solutions such as applying for funding
  • training and support for Flood Wardens
  • Email floodpathfinder@northamptonshire.gov.uk to express your interest or ask any questions you may have
  • Apply for a place on the programme via the Flood Toolkit website
  • Nominate a key point of contact to liaise with the county council and the parish council
  • Identify community members who can be Flood Wardens
  • Form a Community Resilience and Response Group which will develop the community emergency plan and support community engagement events

Apply to be considered for the project

Complete the community application form

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Further information

If you have any queries please email emergencyplanning1@northamptonshire.gov.uk.