See current flood warnings and find out about current projects to help you prepare for flooding.

Current flood warnings 

Visit the Met Office website to see current flood warnings.

Get prepared: Flood Toolkit

Flooding can happen at any time and sometimes with little warning. Therefore preparation is key to making sure you, your family and your friends are safe, as well as reducing the damage to your home and treasured belongings.

The Northamptonshire Flood Toolkit website can help you get prepared for flooding:

Flood Toolkit

Community flood preparation: Pathfinder III

Pathfinder III aims to facilitate community-led improvements in resilience and preparedness amongst communities who are at risk of surface water flooding in Northamptonshire, complementing other flood risk management activities.

Pathfinder III


Find out how to get sandbags in your area.

Video: Keep out of flood water

Video: Northampton's flood sirens