Protecting your community

Parish and Town Councils

Northamptonshire County Council encourages all Parish and Town Councils to develop a local emergency plan, to prepare for emergencies. See information about emergency planning and preparedness:

To help develop resilience in the county the Northamptonshire Emergency Planning Team work with many organisations to support local people and groups to get together to use their local skills, knowledge and resources to deal with emergency situations.

Town and Parish councils are encouraged to produce a Community Self Help Plan for the area they live in. Northamptonshire County Council has a number of templates for Town and Parish Councils to use. The below template is a good start place for most Town and Parish councils to kick start their emergency plans:

​Reception centres are community buildings used in a time of emergency to provide shelter and rest to people affected by or evacuated from a nearby emergency. Many community spaces are suitable for this purpose. Parish and Town Councils are encouraged, as part of their emergency planning, to identify a reception centre in their area to be used in a crisis. It is important to identify a key holder to access the centre at any time, day or night. Some area designated school halls or even pubs to serve as a reception centre if disaster strikes.

Guidance to village halls and community centres acting as reception centres has changed. Important steps have been put in place to keep people safe during a flood or major incident. This update has been put together in light of the coronavirus pandemic, for community centres and areas with a centre nominated in their emergency plan:

School emergency plans

The headteacher and school community should produce their own School Emergency Plan to include details of what should happen in an emergency situation and contingency arrangements to help minimise the impact on any emergency on the school.

For further information and guidance visit the Emergencies in Schools section.

Voluntary and community groups

Voluntary and community groups play a big part in helping communities respond to and recover from emergencies. Northamptonshire County Council working with a wide range of these groups, and incorporate their skills and capabilities into our plans. If your group can help out in an emergency, please reach out to us on the details below.

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