Being active

​All of us need to incorporate moving more into everyday life. Whatever your age, whatever your ability, there are lots of easy ways to be active.

Moving is good for your body and mind. Being active can help reduce the risk of long term medical conditions, help us feel better about ourselves and improve our physical and mental wellbeing.

It's recommended that adults aim for 150 minutes of moderate activity across the week. Moderate activity means your heart rate will rise, you may feel sweaty and short of breath but you should be able to hold a conversation.

You can achieve this through a brisk 10 minute walk to work or at lunchtime, enthusiastic hoovering and cleaning, gardening, dog walking, dancing in front of the TV and climbing the stairs.

How we can help

The Northamptonshire Sport website offers a huge range of activities which you can engage in, from gentle walks in the countryside to extreme sports. Whether it be walking, running, cycling or swimming, there's something for everyone.

Find a local club or activity

Exploring nature is a great way to keep active. Evidence also suggests that regular access to parks and green spaces helps our mental health and wellbeing.

Find out more about country parks

Many of us spend a large proportion of our time sitting at a desk at work. There's lots of ways to build healthy habits into your day at the office. NCC works with employers to help create the best workplaces for their staff. Email us to find out more about healthy workplaces.

Top tips to help you be more active

  1. Take the first step today

  2. Making a small change like taking the stairs instead of the lift can be the first step towards creating a healthy habit

  3. Build activity into your day

  4. There are lots of opportunities for us to move more during the day - how about swapping a coffee catch-up for a walk? Or playing Frisbee in the park with family?

  5. Be sociable

  6. Creating new good habits is often easier when we do it with others - try joining a group or club or starting an activity with friends.

  7. Take up a hobby

  8. Being active doesn't have to mean going for a run - taking up an activity like gardening is a good way of moving more.

  9. Set a goal and track your progress

  10. There are lots of apps that can help you stay motivated to get active - why not try downloading the Couch to 5K or Active 10 apps?

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