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Schools and education are a key aspect of children’s and young people’s lives. Health and wellbeing are key parts of the ethos, policy and curriculum of a school. They are also workplaces and so health and wellbeing is important for the staff too. Public health is taking a whole school approach to health and wellbeing and will work with schools developing positive actions for the health and wellbeing of pupils, staff, parents, carers and the wider community.

Northamptonshire's Healthy Schools Service aims to improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people across the county. Our new accreditation framework is designed to help identify areas for improvement across the following three areas: mental health and wellbeing, physical activity and healthy eating.  We work with local partners to reduce health inequalities and promote healthy lifestyles for pupils, staff and the wider community. The service is funded by Public Health Northamptonshire and completely free for all schools across the county. Together, we can help children and young people to develop into healthy, happy adults who understand how to be healthy for life.

Over the next few years, we will be implementing a range of projects. We hope this page will be used to share best practice, and so continually build upon it.

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How we can help

Our team of dedicated Healthy Schools Advisors will work closely with you to help with your school's self-assessment and then identify suitable providers, activities and interventions; as part of an action plan to meet the specific health and wellbeing needs of your entire school community.   

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