Locality Health and Wellbeing Forums

Each district in Northamptonshire has a local Health and Wellbeing Forum, which meets regularly in that district. The Chairs of each forum also meet the Chair of the countywide Health and Wellbeing Board regularly.

Please see the table below for the Chairs of each local forum:

Local healthy places forum fund

In January 2019 the Director of Public Health allocated the sum of £750,000 to a local healthy places forum fund. All Councils in Northamptonshire were invited, via their Health and Wellbeing Forum, to submit proposals to fund local projects to address the priorities outlined in the current Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy and to improve public health outcomes. All seven districts submitted successful bids, with 22 projects being approved funding in total.

Projects focus on physical activity, mental wellbeing, social isolation, communities and healthy eating to name a few. Some projects started delivery in July 2019 and will continue into late 2020. A final evaluation report will be produced once all projects have completed delivery, which will include details on future sustainability. We have put together a list of successful projects: