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  • About healthy workplaces True78

    About healthy workplaces

    Evidence shows that organisations which focus on wellbeing achieve huge benefits.

  • Mental wellbeing True70

    Mental wellbeing

    Good mental wellbeing is important for our physical health, and can help us achieve our goals.

  • Physical activity True90

    Physical activity

    Regular physical activity can produce long term health benefits.

  • Balanced diet True86

    Balanced diet

    One of the keys to being happier and healthier is a balanced diet.

  • Stopping smoking True89

    Stopping smoking

    Start on the road to giving up smoking.

  • Alcohol reduction True90

    Alcohol reduction

    Get advice and support from local services on reducing your alcohol intake.

  • NHS health checks True95

    NHS health checks

    Are you aged 40-74? Get your free 'midlife MOT' and health check-up.

​Advice for employers

Resources to help organisations promote staff health and wellbeing.