With no upper age limit to becoming an apprentice, an increasing number of people aged over 16 are favouring apprenticeships as a way of studying towards a formal qualification while working.

We started to provide Apprenticeship support in 2017 to improve the apprenticeship experience. The aim is for the Apprenticeship Team to provide practical hands-on support for apprentices and their managers from start to finish.

Councils are all levy-paying employers, which means the cost of their employees’ apprenticeships are met by employer contributions to the levy fund. The Apprenticeship Team manage the statutory responsibilities on the employers’ behalf, including reporting and funding allocation.

Apprenticeships delivered by Northamptonshire County Council are also approved by the Education and Skills Funding Agency to deliver levy-funded apprenticeships and are accredited by a range of regulatory bodies including: Chartered Institute of Personnel Development, Ofsted, Care Quality Commission, Institute of Leadership & Management, City & Guilds and Pearson.

Support for employees

We know studying alongside employment can be quite a challenge, so we support employees when it comes to determining their individual learning needs.

By working with employees, our dedicated specialists help to find the right apprenticeship and are on-hand to answer any questions employees have from start to finish.

We’ll source an appropriate training provider and work with employees who become an apprentice, to give them; a proper induction to the course, an explanation of what they can expect throughout their apprenticeship and clarify how much study time they’re eligible for.

Support for managers

We know managers are busy enough looking after their teams and services, so we make it a little easier for them when it comes to their team’s learning.

Our training specialists work with managers to identify apprenticeships that will benefit their employees individually as well as collectively benefiting their service by narrowing skills gaps and boosting competencies.

Where possible, we recommend managers consider recruiting apprentices for vacant positions and can support with advertising and recruitment, as well as on-the-job learning programmes.

Popular apprenticeships that we deliver

These are some of the most popular apprenticeships that we deliver.

Social care:

Business skills

Management and leadership:

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Known as 'apprenticeship standards' there are 650+ subjects to choose from at varying levels, from GCSE to master's.

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The apprenticeship levy

See how apprenticeship funding affects employers - an overview of the apprenticeship levy from the Education and Skills Funding Agency.

ESFA approved

Registered under the names of our partner councils, we are approved by the Education and Skills Funding Agency to deliver levy-funded apprenticeships.

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