Northamptonshire Children’s Trust recruitment documents

​Congratulations! We are really pleased that you are through to the final stage of our recruitment process.

We just need you to complete a few documents and read our employment information which will tell you about the main terms and conditions and the benefits of working for Northamptonshire Children’s Trust.

Download your final stage recruitment documents:

External candidates who do not have a P45:

Do you need help or have a question?

If you have a question about completing any of the forms then please contact our helpdesk on 0300 126 6661.
If you have any other questions then please contact your recruiting manager.

Supporting local charities

We are pleased to support local charities in our area, through the Pennies from Heaven scheme. Pennies from Heaven allows you to donate the additional pennies from your pay each month to local charities. So if you earn £850.34 in a month, you would donate 34p to charity. It's done automatically and you'll never donate more than 99p in a month. If you would like to sign up to this, simply complete the application form.