Personal assistant job vacancies

Northamptonshire County Council​ advertises personal assistant vacancies on behalf of someone who requires assistance with care at home or while they're out and about.

Current vacancies

We advertise roles caring for adults and young people below.

Some of our vacancies require that you have a full driving licence and a car. This information is outlined within the roles.

Roles with an (M) indicate the vacancy is for male applicants only and roles with an (F) are for female applicants only.

Vacancies that have been filled are removed from this page immediately.

​Location​Rate (per hour)Hours (per week)​Transport requirements​​Description and reference
​Wellingborough (M)
​£10.00​7.5Licence and car required
​​View description -​​ AW09/12/JH (PDF 82KB)
​Daventry​£8.72​Variable​Licence preferredView description - DC10/17/KE (PDF 512KB)
​Northampton​£8.72​44 hours average​Licence required​View description - AC05/17/UL1 (PDF 519KB)
​Wellingborough​£8.72​4 hours a week (plus sickness/holiday cover)​Licence and car required​View description - GK01/19/DR (PDF 488KB)
​Corby​£8.72​Variable​Licence requiredView description DF11/09/CW (PDF 499KB)
​Northampton​£8.72​20 hours​Licence required​View description - BA09/16/DR (PDF 340KB)
​Northampton​£8.72​18 hours average​Licence required​View description - AC05/17/UL2 (PDF 519KB)
​Desborough​£8.72​15 hours​Not specified​View description - JS04/11/JH (PDF 500KB)
​Willoughby, Rugby​£8.72​7 hours​Not specified​View description SB08/20/UL (PDF 499KB)
​Bozeat, Wellingborough​£8.72​Variable​Not specified​View description EW09/11/JH (PDF 337KB)
​Barton Seagrave, Kettering​£8.72​4 hours​Not specifiedView description - JL08/15/JH (PDF 336KB)
​Wellingborough​£8.72​2 hours on a Saturday​Licence and car requiredView description - KS09/14/JH (PDF 335KB)
​Brackley​£8.72​8 hours​Licence preferred​View description LH03/20/UL (PDF 596KB)
​Northampton​£8.72​35 hours via job share​Licence and car required​View description AW09/13/DR (PDF 522KB)
​Brackley​£8.72​Up to 20 hours​Licence and car requiredView description NT03/09/KE (PDF 333KB)
​Northampton​£8.72​8 hours ​Driving licence required​View description NF02/09/UL (PDF 410KB)

​£8.72 per hour day

£9.00 per hour night

​Flexible​Driving licence preferredView description GK05/05/DR  (PDF 336KB)
​Wellingborough​£8.72​10+ hours​Not specified​View description 05/05/DR (PDF 488KB)
​Corby​£8.72​10 hours​Licence and car required​View description DQ06/06/JH3 (PDF 506KB)

​£8.20 (under 25's)

£8.72 (over 25's)

​Up to 72 hours or possible job share​Licence required​View description MB02/98/JH (PDF 504KB)
​Earls Barton, Northampton​£8.72​12 hours​Not specified​View description TS09/17/DR (PDF 491KB)
​Oundle​£8.72​26 hours​Not SpecifiedView description KC01/21/CW (PDF 509KB)
​Kettering​£8.72​19 hours​Not SpecifiedView Description EO05/17/CW (PDF 405KB)
​LocationRate (per hour)​​Hours (per week)
​Transport requirements
Description and reference​
​Northampton (M)​£8.72 on payroll or £9.95 per hour self-employed**​4 hours term-time, 8 hours in school holidays​Licence preferred​View description - AA09/19/UL (PDF 337KB)
​Wellingborough​£9.00 - £10.50 depending on experience​Various​Licence requiredView description - SG07/15/JH (PDF 509KB)
​Northampton​£8.72​8 hours​Licence and car requiredView description RP08/20/KE (PDF 337KB)
​Daventry​£8.72​4 hours term-time, 8 hours in School holidays​Licence and car preferred​View Description BS07/20/UL (PDF 695KB)

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