Thinking about volunteering?

It is often said that our wellbeing can be enhanced by a sense of purpose in society and being able to contribute to our local community. Volunteering is recognised as an activity that can help to improve your wellbeing and lifestyle.​
There is a huge variety of volunteering opportunities on offer across the county to suit all ages and abilities, some of which require a regular commitment starting from as little as half an hour each week, whilst others support one-off projects or events for a fixed time period.



I help with the homework club because I believe education is vitally important. It's a tough world for our young people. They are at school all day and then come home to study well into the evening and if they're willing to work that hard, we owe it to them to help in any way we can."

Library Homework Club Volunteer

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Key benefits of volunteering

  • Helping to develop skills and learning something new
  • Using existing skills to support and inspire others
  • Meeting new people and developing friendships
  • Supporting local communities and giving something back
  • Improving self-esteem and confidence
  • Having fun and keeping active
  • Having a positive impact on physical and mental health
  • Contributing towards personal attainments, such as University modules or Duke of Edinburgh awards
  • Developing language skills

The Northamptonshire Get Involved Hub promotes volunteering and the benefits of getting involved in local communities. It provides a platform to support both one-off and longer term volunteering opportunities, enabling people to get involved through a wide range of organisations across the county.

Whatever your reasons for volunteering, the hub is a great place to start your journey. Select the link below to find the perfect opportunity for you.

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