20 June 2018

Every year volunteers aged 14 and above help Northamptonshire libraries make the Summer Reading Challenge a success across the county.

Last year we had over 150 young people help us keep more than 10,000 local school children reading throughout the summer.

This year’s theme is the ever-popular Beano ‘Mischief Makers’, so it is likely that our libraries will be as busy as ever throughout the Summer months.

What do volunteers do?

  • Help staff to run the Challenge – for the whole holidays or for just a few weeks
  • Talk to children about the books they’ve been reading and keep them engaged with the challenge
  • Help out with Summer Reading Challenge themed activities that take place throughout the holidays

Benefits for You

  • You will gain valuable experience in a workplace environment, helping to increase employability and support UCAS applications
  • You can request a reference from the library manager
  • Volunteering can contribute to Duke of Edinburgh Award or International Baccalaureate participation
  • It will help to build confidence, social skills and literacy
  • It will give you the opportunity to make a positive contribution to your community
  • You will be part of a national programme that inspires others to read

It’s not only the keenest readers who volunteer. Some of our best volunteers have been those who struggled to engage with books at school, or who have few formal qualifications. Many say they are reading more as a result.

Whether you want to volunteer regularly over the summer, one or two hours a week, for a couple of weeks, or anything in between, contact your local library to find out more or apply now on the Get Involved Hub.

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