Library from home

There are 2 main services we offer which mean you can still enjoy the Library Service even if you are unable to visit your local library: the Library to You Service and the Sound Reads Service.

Library to You service

Northamptonshire Libraries run a Library to you service and may be able to arrange a delivery for housebound customers. To find out if we are able to offer you this service please contact your nearest Northamptonshire Library.

Library members can access a range of e-books, e-audiobooks, e-newspapers and e-magazines from home through our library online.

Access library e-resources

For anyone who is not currently a member, it is easy to join the library as a virtual member and take advantage of these resources.

Sound reads service

How does it work?

We are here to help people with a visual impairment who enjoy reading to find out about the services available to them in Northamptonshire.

Call RNIB directly on 01733 375000.