Bus Subsidy Ring-Fenced (Revenue) Grant

​The Local Authority Bus Subsidy Ring-Fenced (Revenue) Grant is paid by the Department for Transport to local authorities in place of the Bus Services Operators Grant previously paid to bus operators for running services under tender to local authorities.

The grant may only be used for the purposes of supporting bus services (including community transport services run under a section 19 permit), or for the provision of infrastructure supporting such services in our, or a neighbouring local transport authority's area.

Over 2018 and 2019 we received £215,193. As part of its 2018 to 2019 budget, the County Council took the decision to withdraw its budget for supported bus services, and used the grant to allow those services to be continued to the end of the summer term in July 2018 before being withdrawn.

The Department for Transport requires the County Council to complete an annual survey setting out how it uses the grant.

Our response to the survey is available to view below.