Emergency Active Travel Fund

As part of its wider commitment to encourage more walking and cycling, the Department for Transport has allocated funding to local authorities to encourage more walking and cycling following the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly while the capacity of buses is limited.

See the Transport Secretary's announcement of this funding:


In order to help us identify possible schemes we consulted via the Commonplace website.

1,950 responses were received and we have reviewed potential schemes and examined some schemes for their potential to receive Tranche 1 funding.

Further schemes have been identified as possibilities for Tranche 2, or will be included in local cycling and walking infrastructure plans.

Comments can be viewed on the Commonplace website.

Local cycling and walking infrastructure plans are currently being developed for Northampton and Rushden/Higham Ferrers, and we will be consulting on them later this year. Further plans will be developed for other towns in the future.

Tranche 1 funding

We have received £351,000 to implement short-term measures to encourage walking and cycling.

We are working with Borough and District Councils to identify potential schemes. While some schemes are intended to be permanent, most are either temporary measures or experimental.

The following schemes have been agreed so far:

  • Kettering, Montagu Street – temporary widening of footpath to enable social distancing
  • Northampton, Weedon Road and St James Road – experimental extension of bus lanes from morning peak hours to 24 hour operation benefitting cyclists as well as bus users and taxis
  • Wellingborough, Cambridge Street – temporary widening of footpath to enable social distancing
  • Wellingborough, Silver Street/Sheep Street – temporary widening of footpath to enable social distancing

Further schemes will be added to this list as they are agreed.

Tranche 2 funding

The Department for Transport has invited us to bid for further funding for permanent measure to be implemented before the end of March. The bid has to be submitted by 7 August 2020.

Further details will appear here once available.