Lorries and HGVs

Northamptonshire's central location within the country is at a crossroads of major freight routes which includes the A14/M1/M6 and the A43S/A45 corridor. The county already has a large number of national and regional distribution centres and this is set to increase, generating more HGV's. The county's current and future prosperity depends on the use of these vehicles and this must be taken into account when looking into future management, therefore it is important to work with the industry.

Whilst alternatives to the lorry as a method of haulage are being considered on a national and regional basis, in the medium term most of the freight will continue to be taken by HGV's. In the longer term there will still be a need to deliver goods by HGV's from distribution centres to shops, etc., so a reduction in the number of these vehicles is unlikely in the foreseeable future.

The unnecessary use of inappropriate roads by HGV's is an emotive issue, as well as causing significant highway damage, generates a considerable volume of complaints from other road users and people living in communities through which these vehicles pass. It is therefore important to manage the movement of freight so as to reduce the need for road maintenance and improve the quality of life for communities, but at the same time ensuring that the problem is not transferred elsewhere.

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