Bikeability is a cycling training programme providing practical skills and an understanding of how to cycle on today’s roads. Bikeability gives everyone the skills and confidence for all kinds of cycling. There are three Bikeability levels which are taught progressively catering for all ages from children up to adults and any ability whilst ensuring that learning is lots of fun.


Outspoken is the provider delivering Bikeability in the majority of Northamptonshire’s primary schools on behalf of the county council, with level 1 usually being undertaken in year 5 and level 2 subsequent to that. Contact your child’s school to see if they have already signed up to Bikeability. If not, you can contact the team at Outspoken and ask them to get in touch with the school to discuss the possibility of arranging a course.

It may also be possible to arrange private cycle tuition for your child through Outspoken.



Teaching your child to ride a balance bike followed by a normal bike with pedals are important life skills that are an essential part of childhood.

These two articles from the CTC are great step-by-step guides on how to teach a child to ride:

​Go-Ride for schools

Go-Ride school clubs are all about the promotion of cycling to young people with the goal of getting an increased number of young people cycling. These clubs provide high quality coaching activities in a safe traffic-free environment.

Your school can benefit from linking with Go-Ride by:

  • Providing appropriate opportunities for further development and participation for young people
  • Bringing cycling to a wider range of young people
  • Helping to develop competition officials for major school events through British Cycling's Cycling Award for Young Volunteers (CAYV)
  • Optimising the provision of coaching expertise and leadership in cycling at school level
Go-Ride for schools

Northamptonshire Sport

Northamptonshire Sport provide a range of training and activities available to schools such as coaching courses, PE and Continuing professional development (CPD) and Sainsburys school games.

Northamptonshire Sport