18 November 2016
Cycling in winter

The onset of winter shouldn't prevent you from cycling. A little preparation will go a long way to help you enjoy cycling during the coldest, darkest months of the year. Read on for winter cycling advice and details of some great prize draws to help see you through the season.

Winter cycling

So, it is dark before you finish work and it is often cold and frosty, or wet and windy in the mornings. When faced with such inclement conditions, it is all too easy to reach for the car keys instead of the bike. It is too easy to put your feet up in the warm, in front of the television, rather than going out for a ride.

Don’t let winter put you off!

Once you are out on the bike, winter cycling can be as rewarding as riding at other times of the year.

Staying on two wheels

With the right preparation, following some simple steps, it is easy to carry on cycling all year round.

We have split our winter cycling tips into three sections for ease of reference. There is advice on how to get you and your bike ready for riding this winter and also advice to help keep you safe when you are out on your bike:

Prize-draw give-aways

We also have some great cycling prizes to give away throughout the winter including sets of lights, multi-tools, cleaning kits and bike pumps.

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