24 August 2017

Interested in getting back into cycling but don't want to cycle alone, or do you fancy trying group cycling, but not keen on the thought of joining a cycling club because of the daunting distances and speeds? Then this may be for you...

Ride Social

HSBC UK Ride Social is a community of people organising informal bike rides at a time, place and pace that suits them.

It’s totally free to join the platform through British Cycling’s Let’s Ride website, and you can use it to find people near you to ride with, to find groups that ride regularly, or to create your own rides and groups.

Ride Social

Northampton Social Cyclists

Northampton has its own active Ride Social group, called Northampton Social Cyclists, who meet regularly on rides catering for all abilities.

The group is now almost 150 members strong and was set up in 2016 by British Cycling Ride Leader Paul Chapman who says:

"If you would like to take part in a friendly and leisurely group ride, then come along with the Northampton Social Cyclists group. It is totally free and an ideal way to find new people to cycle with."

"We mainly cycle the lanes and cycle paths of Northamptonshire, with the focus being on fun, fitness and enjoying the views; often with a cafe/pub stop thrown in for good measure."

"No lycra or carbon-framed bikes are required and we do most of our rides on Sunday at 11am and Saturday at 2.30pm, pedalling along at a leisurely pace for 10 to 25 miles."

"Cycling is the perfect way to enjoy the fresh air and discover the great outdoors, and getting out on your bike is one of the easiest ways to exercise – you can ride almost anywhere and at any time of the year. Plus it is low-impact, so it is easier on your joints than other high-impact aerobic activities such as running."

To find out more about the Northampton Social Cyclists group and to book on one of their rides visit their page on the Let's Ride website:

Northampton Social Cyclists