Northamptonshire Highways are committed to encouraging more people in the county to use cycling as a form of transport instead of using a car. There are many benefits of cycling for both individuals and the wider community, in terms of health and wellbeing, financial savings and the environment.

Cycling to work is a great way to get to work. It is also cheap compared to driving or using public transport, especially if you can take advantage of the Cycle to Work scheme.


Cyclescheme is the UK's leading provider of the Cycle to Work scheme which enables employees to get a bike tax-free, saving at least 25% on its high street value while spreading the cost.

Cyclescheme is a tax incentive aimed at encouraging employees to cycle to work which helps the environment by reducing air pollution and improving your general health.
The scheme allows employees to benefit from a long term loan of bikes and cycling equipment such as lights, locks and panniers completely tax-free. There are multiple packages you can choose from depending on what you need.

For more information on Cyclescheme, visit their website:


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