A422 Farthinghoe Bypass

​The A422 Farthinghoe Bypass will be a new 2.3km single carriageway to the north of the village.

Description of scheme

Farthinghoe currently suffers from safety problems in the village due to the road being too narrow for two HGVs to pass each other. This is expected to be made worse by the level of development proposed in Banbury and Brackley.

Farthinghoe Bypass will run to the north of the village and will have an overall length of 2.3km, with a 7.3m wide single carriageway. At-grade priority junctions will provide access east and west of Farthinghoe from the A422. Both junctions will have a right turn provision to permit free flow of traffic on the A422.

The Cockley Road will pass over the A422 with no connection and an over bridge will also be required to accommodate a farm access and bridleway.

Using the significant excess of excavated material from the deep cuttings, a bund up to 5m will be formed which will offer direct screening of the road from properties on the edge of the village.

The estimated cost of the bypass is in the region of £11.4m.

Details of the northern route to be taken forward for further technical work is available here:

Benefits of the scheme

The bypass will remove through traffic from the centre of the village, thereby reducing the frequency of conflict between HGVs. 

Public consultation

Public consultation on the bypass took place during November and December 2015. The local community was asked for its views on alternative options for a 2.2km route to the south of the village and a 2.3km route to the north. There was a preference for a northern route.

A summary of the consultation results can be found here:

Scheme cost and how it will be funded

Further work started in January 2020 to develop the scheme proposals. This work is being funded jointly with South Northamptonshire Council.

Further information

This page will be updated as the scheme progresses.