A422 Farthinghoe Bypass

​The A422 Farthinghoe Bypass will be a new single carriageway to the north of the village. It is proposed to provide junctions at both ends of the village, but for the Cockley Road to pass over the bypass. An overbridge is also proposed to accommodate farm access and the bridleway.

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Preferred route consultation

Following previous consultations in 2015, Northamptonshire Highways have developed four northern routes, which we are consulting on in order to identify a preferred route to be taken forward for further development. The preferred route will be determined by the West Northamptonshire Council cabinet after the May 2021 elections.

The A422 through the village of Farthinghoe currently suffers from sub-standard geometry, a narrow carriageway and footways. This means large vehicles pass close to each other and pedestrians. These issues are expected to be made worse by the level of development proposed in Banbury and Brackley which will lead to increased traffic through the village. The bypass is set to remove through traffic from the centre of the village.

The main objectives are to:

  • Enhance local environment and improve air quality of traffic travelling within the village
  • Reduce volume of traffic through the village - particularly HGVs
  • Improve road safety
  • Provide a high quality alternative route that will allow for free flowing traffic along the A422

​In 2015, Northamptonshire Highways undertook a feasibility study of potential route options for a bypass of Farthinghoe village. The report recommended 2 routes, one to the north and one to the south of the village.

In December 2015 a Public Exhibition was held in Farthinghoe Village Hall inviting views on these options. A questionnaire was prepared and in total, 76% of all respondents supported a bypass with 74% of respondents preferring the northern route and 26% preferring the southern route.

In November 2016, Northamptonshire County Council’s Cabinet agreed that the A422 Farthinghoe Bypass be added to the County Council’s priority list of major road schemes and that a northern route should form the basis of further work.         

Since January 2020 work has been underway to carry out preliminary design work, investigation and production of a technical report for the A422 Farthinghoe Bypass. A number of different routes have been considered in the north due to concerns raised in the previous consultation regarding the impact the northern route would have on the businesses, medieval ponds and special landscape area.

Previous public consultation on the bypass took place during November and December 2015. The local community was asked for its views on alternative options for a 2.2km route to the south of the village and a 2.3km route to the north. There was a preference for a northern route.

A summary of the consultation results can be found here:

​The current work to identify a preferred route is being jointly funded by South Northamptonshire Council and Northamptonshire County Council. Government funding will need to be sought to fund the cost of building the road. The current estimated cost to construct the bypass is £28.5 to £33.75 million.

Route design

The 4 proposed northern routes have been designed as a single carriageway with a design speed of 100kph
(60mph). Road lighting will be provided only at and on approach to junctions.


We are proposing that there should be junctions between the bypass and the existing A422 east and west of the village. This will provide good access for traffic that needs to be in the village, particularly the bus route, while encouraging through traffic on to the bypass. A free-flowing route with minimal junctions and limited direct access will improve comfort, which will result in reduced journey times and enhanced journey reliability along the A422, while encouraging through traffic on to the bypass.


To minimise the visual impact of the bypass, it will be kept as low as practical within the landscape to the north of the village. We are proposing that it should pass under both Cockley Road and the access to Abbey Lodge Farm without a junction. The reduction of traffic along the existing A422 within the village will reduce the environmental impacts of traffic for those living there and improve the journey quality of pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians.

Walking, cycling and horse riding

There is currently limited provision for walking, cycling and horse riding throughout the village. The existing A422 is served by a narrow footway throughout the village, and there is a signalised crossing facility near the primary school. Therefore, a walking, cycling and horse riding assessment will be carried out during the next stage.


For each bypass option, two new bridge structures have been identified and are shown on the location plan:

We are seeking views on four alternative routes north of Farthinghoe. We are also presenting the southern route from the 2015 consultation for comparison:

​Environmental constraints

Farthinghoe has a number of important and significant environmental constraints that each of the proposed options must consider. Those identified and considered in a recent desk top study:

Environmental impact assessment

A desk top study has been carried out on each route to provide an indication of its impact on the different environmental considerations. The results indicate, while there are subtle differences in the environmental impact of the different routes, overall there is very little differences between them. Further work will be undertaken on the preferred route, when determined, to establish more precisely the environmental impact of the route and any mitigation measures necessary.


Consultation on the preferred route ran from 6 November 2020 to 3 January 2021. We are now analysing the consultation responses and they will be reported to the West Northamptonshire Council cabinet after the May 2021 elections.

Further information

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