Cliftonville Corridor improvements

​Description of scheme

Cliftonville Road, Alfred Street and St Edmund Street together provide an important north-south link between the main east-west Bedford Road and Wellingborough Road corridors to the east of Northampton town centre. Cliftonville Road is also one of the main accesses to and from Northampton General Hospital.

At peak times the corridor experiences congestion and traffic regularly queues back from Cliftonville Road along Bedford Road as far as the Barnes Meadow Interchange.

The Northampton Central Area Action Plan and the Northampton Town Transport Strategy both outline a strategy to reduce traffic and improve air quality on the inner ring, particularly on roads like Cheyne Walk and York Road.

The proposed scheme will slightly widen Cliftonville Road from Bedford Road to the south entrance of Northampton General Hospital to create three lanes of traffic, two northbound and one southbound. The Cliftonville Road / Billing Road / Alfred Street and St Edmund Street / Wellingborough Road junctions will also be upgraded.

Benefits of the scheme

The scheme will reduce traffic congestion and the volume of traffic on the inner ring road, enhance air quality and make it easier to access Northampton General Hospital.

Public consultation

Public consultation ran from 1 August 2019 to 4 September 2019.

Two public consultation events were held on 7 August 2019 and 15 August 2019, where the consultation boards were available to view and the team answered questions.

View the consultation boards with details of the scheme and further information:

The feedback we received is summarised in the consultation report:

Phase 1 - Wellingborough Road and St Edmund's Street

In general, there was support for this element of the scheme and the design remains unchanged from what was consulted on.

Work commenced on Monday 4 November 2019 and was completed on Saturday 25 January 2020.

Phase 2 - Bedford Road and Cliftonville

The detailed design of Phase 2 has been completed taking into account comments received through the public consultation and works commenced on Monday 20th September. The scheme is programmed to be completed in 13 weeks although works of this nature can be delayed by external factors such as weather conditions etc.

These important works will bring significant long term benefits to travellers in the town and, in particular, for access to the hospital. However, the works are taking place in a very busy and sensitive location and delays are to be expected. Motorists are advised to find alternative routes wherever possible and Northamptonshire Highways are working closely with key stakeholders such as the General Hospital, St Andrews Hospital, emergency services and the University of Northampton to manage demand.

In order to ensure the safety of the workforce and the public there will be no access to Bedford Road from Cliftonville and a diversion route is in place.

Northamptonshire Highways only close roads when it is absolutely necessary to keep our workforce and road users safe.

The route, which will be clearly signed, is chosen to follow roads of a suitable standard and width to carry all traffic and uses roads of a similar category and capacity to Cliftonville Road.

The diversion route is via Alfred Street / St Edmunds Street, Wellingborough Road, Park Avenue South and Rushmere Road and junctions along the diversion route will be monitored to ensure that traffic demands are managed as effectively as possible.
The phase 2 General Arrangement drawing can be found below and this shows the proposed final road layout upon completion of phase 2 of the Cliftonville Corridor scheme. The key changes are at the Bedford Road / Cliftonville junction as there will be two lanes turning right up Cliftonville from the Bedford Road instead of one right turn lane as the current arrangements. Cliftonville Road itself will be widened to maintain two lanes for vehicles travelling northbound up to the left turn into the hospital entrance road adjacent to the school of podiatry. This will assist traffic accessing the hospital which will effectively benefit from a dedicated lane from the Bedford Road.

Phase 3 - Billing Road junction

There were a number of concerns raised during public consultation regarding this element of the scheme. Therefore, the works required at the Billing Road junction will be considered in the future, once Phase 1 and Phase 2 have been built.

Scheme cost and how it will be funded

We have been successful in securing £1.814m of government funding from the National Productivity Investment Fund. This will be supported by £0.777m of additional local match funding.