Northampton Northern Orbital Route

The Northampton Northern Orbital Route is a proposal for a new road which will relieve traffic from the north of Northampton and surrounding villages.

Description of the scheme

While other new roads, such as the Northampton North West Relief Road, will relieve traffic from some parts of north-west Northampton, they will not provide a complete ring road around the north of the town. The county council has identified the need for such a road, both to deal with current traffic problems and to provide the capacity needed to accommodate future development.

While a preferred route has still to be determined, the proposed new road will link the A5199 and Northampton North West Relief Road between Kingsthorpe and Chapel Brampton with the A43 north of Moulton. The new road will also connect with the Moulton Park industrial estate.

Benefits of the scheme   

Completing a new ring road to the north of Northampton will reduce the amount of traffic passing through northern parts of Northampton, and a number of surrounding villages such as Boughton, Moulton and Pitsford. The road will also create a new route for traffic heading to the Moulton Park industrial estate.

The Northampton Northern Orbital Route is also needed to help with the growth proposals to the north and west of Northampton, where some 10,000 new homes are to be built at sites such as Dallington Grange, Buckton Fields and Northampton North. The road is expected to create capacity for future development beyond that already planned.

Scheme costs and how it will be funded

An estimated cost for the scheme will be developed as work progresses. It is anticipated that the road will be funded by a combination of government and developer funding. 

2017 public consultation

The route options for the most recent public consultation which closed on 4 August 2017 can be viewed below:

These options are developments of two of the options we looked at in 2016. The exhibition boards from 2016 can be found at the bottom of this page. 

The exhibition boards for the 2017 consultation, which provide further information about both the North West Relief Road and Northampton Northern Orbital route, including environmental constraint plans and projected traffic flows, can be viewed below:

What happens next

Approximately 1,200 responses were received. While initial analysis has been completed, and there is a clear majority of respondents in favour of taking both schemes forward, more time is needed to consider how we take on board the many detailed comments which have been made.

A report was taken to the Northamptonshire County Council cabinet meeting in October 2018 to agree the next steps for the scheme.

It was agreed that more work is needed to agree a preferred route, which will require further funding to be identified.

Following the decision on a preferred route, further work will be needed to design the new road and gain the necessary powers and funding before construction can begin.

Previous public consultation

The first public consultation on the Northampton Northern Orbital Route closed on 8 April 2016.  

Four route options were consulted on and can be viewed below:

The exhibition boards from the consultation which provide further information about the scheme, including environmental constraints plans and projected traffic flows used to inform the development of the four possible routes and can be viewed on the links below:

A report summarising the feedback we received from the consultation can be viewed on the link below:

Following comments made in the consultation we have also prepared a short technical note on two alternative route options which can be viewed on the link below:

Further information

This page will be updated as the scheme progresses.