Parking enforcement

Parking enforcement to return to normal in resident permit zones

Relaxed parking enforcement introduced during the COVID-19 lockdown is set to revert to normal from Monday 17 May 2021.

Parking enforcement in resident permit zones across Northamptonshire was relaxed during the lockdown due to the government’s advice to work from home where possible resulting in more residents needing to park.

As more people return to work and even more businesses re-open, parking in these areas on single yellow lines or without a time limit in time-limited bays will no longer be permitted from 17 May and normal enforcement will resume.

Permit holders will therefore need to park in accordance with the restrictions in place, as indicated on the signs or by the road markings, as they did before the temporary relaxation was introduced.

Fiona Unett, Assistant Director of Highways at West Northants Council said: “During the lockdown, parking enforcement was focused on supporting keyworkers to carry out their essential duties, as well as helping people to follow the government guidance to stay at home.

“As more people have returned to their place of work residential areas have returned to normal capacity and so it’s no longer necessary to relax these restrictions.”

We will continue to support the NHS, health and social care workers and NHS COVID-19 volunteers whilst on duty.

From Monday 17 May 2021, the following applies:

  • Free parking will continue to be given to the NHS, health and social care workers and NHS COVID-19 volunteers in line with the government’s free parking concessions.  A Government Parking Pass must be clearly on display in the vehicle.
  • In resident’s permit zones, residents with valid permits will not be able to park:
    • without time limit in time-limited bays
    • on single yellow lines during the hours of operation
  • Any person receiving a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) will still need to follow the statutory process in place as detailed on the reverse of the PCN.

The Council's Parking Enforcement Contractor (NSL) carry out enforcement in all areas except the Kettering area. The enforcement for the Kettering area is carried out directly by North Northamptonshire Council.

​The county council currently has responsibility for ensuring the following parking regulations are observed:

  • Bus stops – no waiting at any time.
  • Disabled bays – a valid Disabled Blue Badge must be displayed with parking clocks (if time limited).
  • Double yellow lines – no waiting at any time.
  • Limited waiting bays – for permitted period stated.
  • Loading bays – for loading/unloading only during specified time.
  • Motorcycle bays – for motorcycles only.
  • Pay and display areas – a valid pay and display ticket must be purchased and visible.
  • Police bays – marked police or unmarked vehicles displaying the relevant police logbook.
  • Permit holder bays - a valid permit must be displayed.
  • Single yellow lines – no waiting during prescribed hours indicated on the sign or on entry signs to controlled parking zones.
  • Taxi bays – bays designated for taxis only.
  • Zig-zags - on restricted pedestrian crossings.
  • Vehicle Drive Aways (VDAs) - a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) can still be issued to a vehicle parked in contravention if the motorist has driven away before the Civil Enforcement Officer has affixed the notice to the vehicle.  The PCN will be posted to the registered keeper.
  • Prevented from Issue - if a Civil Enforcement Officer is prevented from issuing a PCN to a vehicle because of aggressive behaviour, both verbally and physically, the PCN will be posted to the registered keeper.

If you are unsure of the parking regulations, you can find further information on the Highway Code website.

​The county council is working in partnership with NSL Services and Kettering Borough Council who provide a range of parking related services on behalf of the council.

​If you have information about the misuse of a parking permit please report it using our fraud reporting form:

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