Parking enforcement

Temporary parking enforcement relaxation - Coronavirus (Effective 5 January 2021)

A further, more restrictive lockdown was introduced nationally across England from midnight on Tuesday 5 January 2021. Unlike the first lockdown in March 2020 a significant amount of activity is continuing and traffic management needs to reflect this.

The national guidance issued states that authorities will need to continue to enforce restrictions to ensure that unlawful or obstructive parking does not hinder the emergency services and the delivery of essential supplies and services such as waste collection.

It is vital that the freight sector is able to deliver goods and services to essential businesses and we need to ensure that loading and unloading can take place safely and legally and that the highway is not obstructed by vehicles parking in contravention that may have a negative impact on this activity.

Civil Enforcement Officers remain essential in ensuring the safe management of our streets and are permitted to work during the current lockdown as their duties are vital in making sure we achieve the above.

Dangerous, obstructive or anti-social parking

With more people once again at home across the county, there are more vehicles parked in residential areas.  This will bring its challenges with people parking dangerously such as at junctions or causing unnecessary obstructions particularly on pavements so our officers will continue to enforce by issuing Penalty Charge Notices (PCN).

We do however acknowledge, that as a result of more vehicles parked, residents in permit zones are struggling to find a parking space so from 5 January 2021 until 28 February 2021 we have again agreed to relax the following restrictions:

  • In permit only areas, valid permit holders are permitted to park in limited waiting bays for longer than the maximum time allowed within the zone

  • In permit only areas, valid permit holders are permitted to park on single yellow lines within the permit zone

Non-permit holders will need to continue to obey time restrictions and parking on single yellow lines is not permitted.

Residents should be reminded that the Permit Office remains fully open for the processing of permit renewals or applications so any resident without a permit is still able to apply for this. No grace periods will be given.

Anyone who receives a PCN will need to follow the statutory process in place as detailed on the reverse of the PCN itself.

These measures will remain in force until at least the end of February 2021. We will review these relaxations based on the situation and any further guidance issued at the end of February 2021.

Pay and display

All pay and display machines will, where possible, have social distancing markings in place around the machines.

While a regular cleaning regime will be in place, customers are advised to cover their fingers to press buttons. It is recommended that customers wash and sanitise their hands as soon as possible after using the machine.

Our officers will continue to observe the social distancing rules as they carry out their work and any instances of aggressive or abusive behaviours will be reported immediately to the Police.

Who is responsible for parking enforcement?

​Northamptonshire County Council is responsible for parking enforcement in the following areas:

  • Northampton Borough
  • Borough of Wellingborough
  • Corby
  • South Northamptonshire
  • East Northamptonshire
  • Daventry District
  • Kettering Borough (Effective from 31/01/2020)

The County Councils Parking Enforcement Contractor (NSL) carry out enforcement in all areas except Kettering Borough, the enforcement for the Kettering area is carried out directly by Kettering Borough Council.

​The county council currently has responsibility for ensuring the following parking regulations are observed:

  • Bus stops – no waiting at any time.
  • Disabled bays – a valid Disabled Blue Badge must be displayed with parking clocks (if time limited).
  • Double yellow lines – no waiting at any time.
  • Limited waiting bays – for permitted period stated.
  • Loading bays – for loading/unloading only during specified time.
  • Motorcycle bays – for motorcycles only.
  • Pay and display areas – a valid pay and display ticket must be purchased and visible.
  • Police bays – marked police or unmarked vehicles displaying the relevant police logbook.
  • Permit holder bays - a valid permit must be displayed.
  • Single yellow lines – no waiting during prescribed hours indicated on the sign or on entry signs to controlled parking zones.
  • Taxi bays – bays designated for taxis only.
  • Zig-zags - on restricted pedestrian crossings.
  • Vehicle Drive Aways (VDAs) - a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) can still be issued to a vehicle parked in contravention if the motorist has driven away before the Civil Enforcement Officer has affixed the notice to the vehicle.  The PCN will be posted to the registered keeper.
  • Prevented from Issue - if a Civil Enforcement Officer is prevented from issuing a PCN to a vehicle because of aggressive behaviour, both verbally and physically, the PCN will be posted to the registered keeper.

If you are unsure of the parking regulations, you can find further information on the Highway Code website.

​The county council is working in partnership with NSL Services and Kettering Borough Council who provide a range of parking related services on behalf of the council.

​If you have information about the misuse of a parking permit please report it using our fraud reporting form:

Report fraud