Appeal a Blue Badge decision

​Under Department for Transport regulations, a Blue Badge may be refused if:

  • you do not meet the criteria
  • you fail to provide us with adequate evidence of your eligibility, either as an individual or organisation
  • you fail to pay the fee
  • we believe you are not the applicant
  • we believe the applicant would permit use of the Blue Badge by another person
  • you hold or have held a Blue Badge and misuse has led to at least one relevant conviction

If your application is unsuccessful, you can appeal the decision if you feel it does not reflect your current level of mobility.

Declined definitions

Did not meet government eligibility criteria: The reason for the application being declined is you did not meet government eligibility criteria based on the information you provided. The assessment is applied to all applications we receive and the outcome is determined by the answers given throughout the application.

Required action incomplete within 28 day timeframe: Required documents outstanding, Phone Assessment missed or payment not received. You will have to reapply if you still require to be assessed for a Blue Badge.

Further information required to assess eligibility: Further information is required to assess eligibility against the government eligibility criteria. Insufficient information provided to determine eligibility. If you feel the information you provided does not reflect your current level of mobility you can provide further information as part of an appeal.

How to appeal

  1. Notify us in writing within 1 month of the date of your refusal notification.
  2. Provide additional medical or supporting evidence not available with your initial application, which indicates both the severity and permanent nature of your disability as well as the effect it has on your mobility. Please be aware that, in the appeal stage, we rely on you to provide additional supporting information and we cannot get this for you. It is important that details and information about your mobility are clear and informative.
  3. If you applied for your Blue Badge in North Northamptonshire please send the above to If you applied for your Blue Badge in West Northamptonshire please send the above to

Appeals process

As part of your appeal you may be required to undertake a mobility assessment. The assessment will be carried out by an independent healthcare professional. The assessment is likely to focus on walking distances, your mobility impairment and other criteria defined by legislation.

If you have already attended a mobility assessment as part of your application prior to your appeal, then the original recommendation will be reviewed by an independent healthcare professional.

Following the independent mobility assessment or mobility assessment review, a recommendation is made by the assessor as to whether your condition appears to meet the eligibility criteria to be awarded a Blue Badge.

Where a recommendation is that your condition does not appear to meet the required criteria, we will further review your case based on the eligibility criteria outlined by the Department of Transport, the information on your initial form, the assessment, and any evidence you have supplied to support your appeal.

We will normally let you have a decision within 1 month of receiving your appeal, but this may be longer if the council needs further evidence of your condition.

As a result of the appeal, we will let you know the outcome of your assessment.

If we do not hear from you within 1 month your application will stay declined. If your appeal is unsuccessful or you do not appeal, you may apply again within a 6 month period if your personal circumstances change with regard to your disability or you become eligible under the automatic criteria for the scheme.